Dr. Moradzadeh’s Publications


Anatomical Evidence of Microbial Biofilms in an Alloplastic Nasal Implant: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal, January 2013

Ropivacaine-induced peripheral nerve injection injury in the rodent model: Anesthesia & Analgesia, July 2010

A Rodent Model of Sunderland Third-degree Nerve Injury: Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery, January 2010

The impact of motor and sensory nerve architecture on nerve regeneration: Experimental Neurology, August 2008

Treatment modality affects allograft-derived Schwann cell phenotype and myelinating capacity: Experimental Neurology, August 2008

Axotomy or compression is required for axonal sprouting following end-to-side neurorrhaphy: Experimental Neurology, June 2008

Role of timing in assessment of nerve regeneration. Microsurgery: Microsurgery, 2008

Retrograde labeling in peripheral nerve research: it is not all black and white: Journal Of Reconstructive Microsurgery, October 2007

Pregabalin does not impact peripheral nerve regeneration after crush injury: Journal Of Reconstructive Microsurgery, July 2007

Induction of regional collateral sprouting following muscle denervation: Laryngoscope, October 2007

Binary imaging analysis for comprehensive quantitative histomorphometry of peripheral nerve: Journal Of Neuroscience Methods, October 2007

The use of vacuum-assisted closure therapy for the treatment of a large infected facial wound: The American Journal of Surgery, February 2006

Book Chapters
Chapter 2: Wound Healing
Dr. Moradzadeh is a leading expert in the area of wound healing and scar management.

Chapter 6: Nasal Reconstruction
Dr. Moradzadeh has extensive experience with MOHs reconstruction techniques used to repair skin cancer defects.

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