What Changes Are Realistic When Seeking Rhinoplasty?

Nose jobs, medically known as rhinoplasty, are one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgeries in America. Nearly 220,000 Americans receive a nose job each year. Imperfections and crookedness are two common reasons why people seek rhinoplasty.

Dr. Arash Moradzadeh recognizes that because your nose is a prominent feature on your face, it’s important that you like the way it looks. However, our team at AM Facial Plastics in Santa Barbara or Beverly Hills, California, wants to make sure that rhinoplasty is the right surgery for you — and to help you reach your goals realistically.

Here, we highlight what a rhinoplasty can — and can’t — do. Your consultation allows you to learn about rhinoplasty and to explore whether it’s the right option for you at this time.

The importance of your consultation 

The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery should be guided by your own personal aesthetic goals — never those of anyone else. 

The first step toward a successful rhinoplasty is understanding the limitations of cosmetic surgery and exploring which changes are realistic. This not only sets you up to make a well-informed decision, but it also prepares you for your recovery period. 

During your consultation, you have the opportunity to share with Dr. Moradzadeh what you don’t like about your nose and how you’d like to change it. Dr. Moradzadeh evaluates your nose, letting you know if your expectations are realistic. He may make recommendations to ensure you’ll love the results.

If rhinoplasty is truly not the right solution for you, he may suggest other options, such as dermal fillers to contour around your nose. These serve as a nonsurgical, and temporary, option to add volume and smooth out facial bumps and depressions.

After an in-depth consultation, you’ll feel confident that you can depend on our experience and exceptional plastic surgery skills.

What rhinoplasty can do

You might consider rhinoplasty to change the shape, size, or function of your nose. The surgery can:

Dr. Moradzadeh can also perform revision surgery to correct a previous rhinoplasty.

What rhinoplasty can’t do

Even though rhinoplasty can do wonders for your nose and your overall facial proportions, it’s important to realize the limitations of a nose job.

It can't make you look like someone else. Each person has a different facial structure, and it’s your unique facial structure that helps to create your overall look. In other words, the nose size and shape you’re hoping to achieve just might not work with your facial structure. 

Dr. Moradzadeh has an artistic eye, and he honestly evaluates your face when discussing your rhinoplasty options. He can help you determine what nose size and shape are ideal for you.

Are you ready to explore the benefits of rhinoplasty? Schedule a one-on-one rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Moradzadeh today. You can call 310-659-9900 to make an appointment at either location, or you can schedule your visit online.

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