Non Surgical Rhinoplasty – Procedure and Benefits

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, not everyone is keen about going under the knife to achieve the desired look. Sometimes, this can mean foregoing certain procedures.

However, a rhinoplasty doesn’t have to be one of them.

What is a Non Surgical Rhinoplasty?
Unlike a traditional rhinoplasty, a non surgical rhinoplasty involves no knives, anesthetics, or extended recovery periods.

By using injectable tissue fillers instead of surgical procedures, your cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills can create slight alterations in the appearance of your nose. This allows you to change the way that the bridge, tip, and other areas of your nose look with minimal swelling at most.

Benefits of a Non Surgical Rhinoplasty
As you can imagine, there are many benefits to expect when you choose a non surgical nose job rather than following the traditional route. Some of the most notable include:

Time – This treatment often requires no more than 15 minutes, giving you results faster.
Reduced Costs – Because you don’t have to pay for an extended office visit, anesthesia and other associated costs, you can expect the pricing for your non surgical rhinoplasty to be significantly less than the surgical option.
Reduced Risk – Any cosmetic surgery procedure comes with risk but because this treatment avoids the use of surgery, your risk is significantly reduced.
Subtle Changes – One of the biggest fears of most individuals seeking a nose job are results that looks unnatural. Luckily, a non surgical treatment produces subtle changes in your appearance, giving you peace of mind.
Discuss Your Options, Today
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