Gaining Confidence with the Latest Cosmetic Surgical Procedures

Cosmetic surgery has always been sought after. At AM Facial Plastics, you can take advantage of the latest techniques to achieve a fresher and younger appearance. One of those techniques is Ultherapy. Also known as the “weekend facelift”, this groundbreaking technique provides you with the benefit of tighter facial skin without the need to actually go through surgery.

Dr. Moradzadeh utilizes highly targeted ultrasound that focuses the ultrasound waves in a specific location. As a result, he is able to contract and tighten the collagen in your skin; hence the overall look of your skin / face. This completely non-invasive procedure can give you all of the benefits of facelift surgery. If you are interested in other non-surgical options, there are many other options such as Juvederm and Botox.

AM Facial Plastics specializes in providing a variety of rejuvenation techniques to help you achieve the look you desire. While face lifts are often quite popular, other procedures are also gaining attention. One of those procedures is eyelid surgery. This is a great solution for addressing sagging eyelids or removing the fatty deposits that often accumulate under the eyes, creating a tired look. While this procedure is a great option for improving your appearance, in some cases it can also be medically necessary.

If you are considering cosmetic surgery in Beverly Hills, it is important to make certain you are working with the most experienced surgeon possible. Dr. Moradzadeh is actually one of just a few surgeons who have been double-trained to in both facial plastic and reconstructive surgery as well as ENT/Head and Neck surgery. As a result he is able to offer sinus surgery!

There can be many reasons for considering plastic surgery. Understanding the options available and what to expect can help you decide whether cosmetic surgery is right for you. By having an honest conversation with your plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills , you can determine whether you are good candidate for surgery. Dr. Moradzadeh has two locations for your convenience. Aside from the office in Beverly Hills, you can also visit him in Santa Barbara.

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