Cellfina: The New FDA-Approved Cellulite-Reduction Treatment

For years women have been asking for a simple, non-invasive treatment for cellulite. Until now, physicians’ responses have been largely disappointing. There wasn’t really much that could be done. But as of last year, that has all changed.

For the first time, the FDA has cleared a long-lasting and minimally invasive cellulite treatment that is safe and effective based on clinical studies. It’s a procedure called Cellfina that involves a single 45-minute treatment with no surgery or downtime.

So how does it work? After marking the cellulite dimples and applying a local anesthetic, your doctor will insert a needle just below the surface of the cellulite-affected area of the thigh or buttocks that will strike at the bands that are the underlying cause of cellulite. These bands reach through the subcutaneous fat layer to pull down the skin on the surface, causing the familiar and unwanted puckering effect we know as cellulite. Cellfina relies on the combination of an established medical technique known as subcision and an advanced new proprietary technology to release the tension caused by the bands, thereby enabling your skin to return to its naturally smooth state.

The treatment has been clinically proven to clear the effects of cellulite for at least two years. Patients have noticed results in as little as three days, and after three months satisfaction rises to 85%. From there it only improves. Treatment recipients report 94% satisfaction at one year and 96% satisfaction two years after the one-time procedure.

There are no significant adverse side effects associated with Cellfina either. Some patients complain of mild soreness, tenderness, or bruising in the immediate treatment area, but this vanishes within days or at most a few weeks of treatment.

If cellulite on your thighs and buttocks has been taking its toll on your self-confidence, you can finally fight back—thanks to Cellfina. Book an appointment with Dr. Moradzadeh through our Online Booking or give us a call at 310.659.9900. We’re here to answer any questions you have regarding Cellfina or any other treatments we offer.

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